Sacrament of Praise

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The Sacrament of Praise

I had a vision, I had a dream, but I can’t remember why,
what they said, or what they mean.
So I called my Father, asked Him for the world, but He
Gave me more instead. I said, “Thanks,” and looked ahead.
I do it all the time and it makes me tired.
My feelings went to waste. I’m uninspired.

There’s a thorn stuck in my heel and he often makes me feel like I
Do the things that I want to because I should
Repetition is bad. Sometimes it makes me sad.
Repetition is bad unless it’s good.

I followed my feelings to where I’d ended up.
They always left me dry; I never had enough.
Then I saw it – what emotion does:
It often holds me back and knocks me off the narrow track.

Jesus Christ on High, Jesus, You’re my Alibi.
I know You’re blood is thicker than my sin.
So every time I’m wrong, Jesus, help me move along;
Greater is Your Spirit than the skin.
I’ll rejoice, I’ll fall and then still I will rejoice again.
Thankful, I will always be content.
Jesus Christ you set me free, free to love like You love me!
Free to live in prayer and sacrament.
Jesus when I doubt, Lord reveal what You’re about.
After winter springs the budding leaf.
Help me to perceive, Jesus, yes, I do believe!
Help me overcome my unbelief.
Hallelujah! Praise the Son! I glorify the Holy One!
You must increase I decrease for Thee.
Keep me, Jesus, in the Vine. I am Yours and You are mine!
By Your Will, forever Yours I’ll be.

Only You I seek. That is when I hear You speak,
Reminding me of the Truth I should already know.
Crazy, but it seems like They were written just for me!
I find my comfort in Words from millennia ago.


from Extent of Mercy, released May 19, 2017




Musistian Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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