Nineveh Blues

from by Musistian



The grape vine withered
and it makes me livid
The grape vine withered
and it makes me livid
What did I do to prosper You?
Nothing. I think I just laid here
You could’ve seen a smile had You stayed a while
Yahweh, had You only stayed here!

You gave me a purpose
You stuck me with service
You gave me a purpose:
Worthless service
I hope You can see my apathy
when I share this Gift that You gave me
Morning to bed I wish I were dead
Yahweh, why’d You have to come and save me?

Why should I be grateful
when I can be hateful?
Why should I be humble
when I can grumble?
I run from the LORD, throw me overboard
I’d rather drown in my anger
Why should I serve like He deserve?
When I can be a slave to a stranger

Can You forgive me?
Can You forgive me?
The grape vine withered


from Extent of Mercy, track released March 20, 2017


tags: rock Milwaukee



Musistian Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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