Fight the Good Fight

from by Musistian



“Fight the Good Fight”

I can’t take another step
I can’t take another breath
Too weak to lift my head
Too strong to wish for death

I walk through darkness
I feel forsaken
My faith may fumble,
But God is never shaken

I endure through evil;
I’d rather be rich in deeds
Help me bury my ego
Lest my ego bury me

Hubris, avarice, cowardice,
Pull me under. I am powerless
One glimpse to the surface and I
Swim into the shimmering light
I emerge to shore to face the flaming arrows of doubt
My shield, still soaking, snuffs them out
I draw the Sword I study
I swing and stab with all of my might
And fight the good fight

I fall down to my knees. I pray,
“Fortify this barricade!”
I know the Spirit’s willing, Jesus,
Oh, but how my heart delayed

When I am weak from the sacrifices made
I redirect my focus to my debt already paid
Though by day I’m beaten down,
For me awaits a golden crown
Meanwhile at the Cross my all is laid



from Extent of Mercy, track released December 29, 2016


tags: rock Milwaukee



Musistian Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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