Cool Summer

from by Musistian



Cool Summer - Musistian

I sit back, get a little distracted by the
box that makes the clocks
run around me laughing ‘cause they’re
never turning back.
The calendar flips and the checking account dips,
but I never want to make a difference
in my only lonely habitat.
When I’m all alone, incapacitated by the information
I was given from the prison that I’m living in,
I look at what I lack,
But I’m still convinced that giving a minute of risk,
opening up an abyss, while I’m committed to this,
I could never gravitate to that.

From inside outside looks so far,
And none of Yours would judge me when I’m
in the dark

Cool Summer, Cool Summer,
Cool Summer, Cool Summer,
Don’t pass me by, don’t pass me by!
When I waste all my time,
Don’t pass me by, don’t pass me by!

I think I’ll stay; it isn’t my day
I got a migraine, I think it might rain,
Would you mind if I stay behind?
I’m gonna stay behind
I had a long week and my ottoman needs some feet
And I’ve been waiting to see an animated television
Rot away my mind.
Is anybody gonna rot away my mind?
I got it all figured out I’ve had enough bad times
to know the good times roll away
leaving the bad around to stay
like every summer day
So, I know when I leave the doorstep
the first three or four steps
one good look at the world and
I’m gonna turn around anyway

Every day I run away from you
I turn around to find
I’ve been left behind
with nothing to do
Every time I choose to stay inside
I call upon a curse
and make it even worse and it’s
harder to abide.

And lifeless TV --beats me
why a mindless activity can
take all my energy away
And Shining Beauty eludes me
and the Sunshine is wasted
before I ever tasted a ray

Cool Summer, Cool Summer,
Don’t pass me by!


from Extent of Mercy, track released May 18, 2017




Musistian Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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